IRC Curitiba preview : Event essentials

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By Franck D.

27 February 2010 - 10:36
IRC Curitiba preview : Event essentials

Event: Rally Internacional de Curitiba
Starts: Thursday 4 March
Finishes: Saturday 6 March
Entries received: 48
IRC appearances: one (2009)
2009 winners: Kris Meeke (GBR)/Paul Nagle (IRL) Peugeot 207 S2000
Surface: gravel
Number of stages: 15
Special stage distance: 219.38 kilometres
Liaison distance: 493.26kms
Total distance: 712.64kms

Itinerary (all times shown are local)

Thursday March 4 - Prologue :
 Super Prime Pinhais (3.38kms), 15:30hrs

Friday March 5 - Leg one :
 Start: 08:30hrs
 SS1: Campo Magro 1 (18.85kms), 08:55hrs
 SS2: Ouro Fino 1 (9.58kms), 10:05hrs
 SS3: Curitiba 1 (12.58kms), 10:45hrs
 SS4: Campo Magro 2 (18.85kms), 11:10hrs
 Service 1: Autodromo Curitiba, 12:40hrs
 SS5: Curitiba 2 (12.58kms), 14:50hrs
 SS6: Campo Magro 3 (18.85kms), 15:15hrs
 SS7: Ouro Fino 2 (9.58kms), 15:45hrs
 Service 2: Autodromo Curitiba, 17:55hrs

Saturday March 6 - Leg two :
 Start: 07:30hrs
 Service 3: Autodromo Curitiba, 07:30hrs
 SS8: Bocaiuva (28.05kms), 08:30hs
 SS9: Rio Pesqueiro 1 (15.06kms), 09:20hrs
 SS10: Quatro Barras 1 (12.02kms), 10:10hrs
 SS11: Nobre (10.14kms), 11:00hrs
 Service 4: Autodromo Curitiba, 11:50hrs
 SS12: Rio Pesqueiro 2 (15.06kms), 13:05hrs
 SS13: Quatro Barras 2 (12.02kms), 13:45hrs
 SS14: Campina (22.78kms), 14:20hrs
 SS15: Super Prime Pinhais (3.38kms), 15:15hrs
 Finish: Pinhais, 15:30hrs.


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