Honda JAS and Zengő excluded from Hungary and Morocco results

Honda has served notice of its intention to appeal


By Olivier Ferret

27 May 2016 - 09:02
Honda JAS and Zengő excluded from (...)

Honda Racing Team JAS and Zengő Motorsport have been excluded from the results of FIA WTCC Race of Hungary and FIA WTCC Race of Morocco.

The three-person panel of Stewards, which convened at the Nürburgring Nordschleife yesterday (26 May) under the authority of Article 11.9.2.s of the International Sporting Code, reviewed the post-competition technical reports, prepared by the FIA Technical Delegate, from both events and also heard submissions from representatives of both entrants.

They concluded that sections of the flat floor from car numbers 5 (Norbert Michelisz, Honda Racing Team JAS), 12 (Rob Huff, Honda Racing Team JAS), 18 (Tiago Monteiro, Honda Racing Team JAS) and 55 (Ferenc Ficza, Zengő Motorsport) did not comply with the technical regulations of the 2016 FIA World Touring Car Championship and excluded all four cars from the two events.

The non-compliance of the flat floor was described in the FIA Stewards’ decision as follows:

1) It is different to the part featuring in the homologation form extension A-5747 210/07 ER, as well as to the part presented during the homologation inspection; breach of articles 263.003 and 263.004 of the Appendix J.

2) Its construction is not in compliance with the definition of composite applicable at the time of the homologation of the extension A5747 210/07 ER (article of the Appendix J); breach of article 263.902 of the Appendix J.

Honda Racing Team JAS has served notice of its intention to appeal the decisions of the Stewards. In a statement it said: “We are totally convinced that our flat floors are in full compliance with the current FIA World Touring Car Championship technical regulations. Appeals will therefore be lodged against all decisions.”


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