Giuliano Alesi steps up to Formula 2 with Trident

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By Olivier Ferret

7 December 2018 - 14:04
Giuliano Alesi steps up to Formula (...)

After his time in the GP3 Series, Giuliano Alesi takes a logical step in his career, and continues with Trident in the 2019 FIA Formula 2 season. The 19 year old Frenchman, member of the Ferrari Driver Academy is fired up for the new challenge after his promising two-day test in Abu Dhabi.

How does it feel to be a Formula 2 driver?

It’s an amazing opportunity! First of all I want to thank Trident as it’s going to be a pleasure to continue racing with them in F2. This is a new category, a new adventure, which I’m really looking forward to. This year hasn’t quite gone as we all hoped, but I’m really looking forward to a successful season with Trident in 2019. We are going to work hard this winter, and try and come back as strong as possible for the season opener.

Are you prepared for the much higher pressure in F2?

For sure I am! It’s going to be a new adventure with new car, new tyres, new schedule, so I’m really looking forward to it. The excitement and the enjoyment is much bigger than the pressure.

You have already tested the F2 car in Abu Dhabi. How did you find it compared to the GP3 car?

The engine is completely different, and with the turbo, you have to anticipate some things, which is not the case with normal aspirated engines. That’s one of the key points, but managing the tyres and the car is also different. I’m happy with the first test, because I could manage to do a good lap time and finish P6 on the final day. It was my first experience with an F2 car, so I couldn’t put the sectors perfectly together, but in general it went well. It’s a good start, and I keep working hard.

How is the familiarization going with the F2 department of the team?

We are already very close, which is important. A team for a driver is like a second family, so the good relationship is crucial. There are some people who I already know from this year, so everything looks promising.

How will your winter preparation take shape?

I will definitely try to learn more about the series, the process of races, the pit stops, so I’m going to do my home work in order to arrive to the season opener fully prepared.


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