GP2 Spa - Race 2 press conference

Perez, van der Garde and Parente discuss the race


By Franck Drui

29 August 2010 - 15:03
GP2 Spa - Race 2 press conference

Sergio, a fantastic win today and your fourth of the season: happy with your job today?

Sergio Perez: Yeah, I think I did a good drive and I’m really happy for the result for me, and for the team one and two is great. On the other hand I did a mistake that cost us some points yesterday, especially fighting for the championship where there are still some chances even though Pastor is quite far ahead. I believe we can still catch him, and I have to just focus and keep believing, and in the next races we can be a lot better.

It looked very easy for you today, just take the lead on the first lap and walk away: was that how it seemed for you?

Sergio: To be honest yes: the only big moment I had in the race was on the first lap when it was still a bit wet in the second sector, but I found a good line through there and was flying after that. The safety car was very slow, and on the last restart I had to back off a lot so I didn’t overtake him, but it was good for us and everything went right, we did one-two: I’m really happy for the boys, and I think the mistake I did yesterday can be forgotten now because I won!

You’ve closed up the championship, a gap of 27 points with 2 races to go: what are your thoughts ahead of Monza?

Sergio: I love Monza, it’s my favourite circuit: I won there 4 times in Formula 3, and I really like that place, and I’m looking forward to racing there again.

Giedo, a fantastic drive where you got to overtake a lot of guys to get a strong second place: how was it for you today?

Giedo van der Garde: Yeah, I’m really happy with that, for sure! Today was the best race of the season so far. The weekend didn’t start too well when I went off in qualy, and then you start last: I was able to finish the first race 9th, but that’s about the worst place to finish because you’re just out of the points, and yesterday I was protesting about how Gonzalez was driving because the way he was driving was crazy. But anyway we had to start today in P9, and I was out for revenge!

You certainly got that! The car looked so fast today to bring home a one-two: how good was the team this weekend?

Giedo: I think we struggled a lot in the rain, the car was not so good there although it was great yesterday, even though starting from last is hard. Today we changed a few little things and it was fantastic for me: I did an aggressive approach because I knew it would be quite slippery at the start so we put the tyre pressure up a little bit. By the end Sergio was quicker because our tyres had gone, so I couldn’t follow him, but we were already in second, which was a great result.

As you say, a great result from a weekend which didn’t promise much: what are your hopes for next week in Monza?

Giedo: Monza last year was very good! I had nice Saturday win, and I like the place a lot and the team last year was very quick, so we’ll see how it goes: I think we’re all looking forward to getting back there, and seeing if we can repeat the performance.

Alvaro, P3 today and 2 podiums on your first weekend back: you clearly love this place!

Alvaro Parente: I like this place, I like this car, I like this team! Everything went well this weekend except for qualifying, and if it was different maybe we could have won the first race. I’m really happy, and it’s a great comeback after jumping from different cars in different categories, driving on the dry and coming to here: I don’t think everyone could do it, and I’m really happy with how it has all gone.

Your first weekend and have a crazy qualifying with all the red flags, a crazy race today with all the safety cars: how did you get your head back into racing in GP2 and do what you’ve done here?

Alvaro: Don’t forget I’ve got 2 years of experience: there are people who have more, but I’ve got good experience and many years of racing, and I think when the car is competitive, the team is working well and the driver is competitive then there is always the chance of a good result. If we keep going like this then the results should be there.

You had a great drive today and got past a lot of guys: how did you approach the race on set up?

Alvaro: We did the right choice with the car on aero balance, and I think some people had more on so that made it a little easier to get past some of them, but still we were very competitive in the 2nd sector: it’s a big compromise here, and our compromise was correct today. We had probably the same speed as Sergio today, and also with Giedo, so it was good, I had fun and the car was very competitive, so I have to say thank you to everyone who allowed me to be here, especially my sponsor ADF and the team.

You had an amazing moment today that copied that famous Schumacher / Hakkinen moment on the top straight: how was that inside the car?

Alvaro: Almost fantastic because I almost got both of them, except I had to brake on the wet part: I don’t know if it was wet for Hakkinen that time, but if I braked late in the wet I risked a lot! On the line on the left where he [Giedo] was it was dry, but on my side it was too wet to risk everything.

Better to have a safe podium than take each other out!

Alvaro: For sure! [laughs]


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