GP2 Series prepare to bid farewell to Bridgestone

“Bridgestone’s know-how was exactly what the category called for”

By Franck Drui

26 October 2010 - 14:53
GP2 Series prepare to bid farewell (…)

Q&A with GP2 Series organiser Bruno Michel.

Bruno Michel, how would you describe working with Bridgestone?

Bruno Michel: For six years, our partnership with Bridgestone has been exceptional: we started the GP2 Series from scratch with a new car and high expectations from everyone. The pressure was great and having Bridgestone by our side was a good thing: they listened to our requirements and understood what directions we wanted our Series to take. Since Day 1, our working relationship has been very positive and it is difficult to pinpoint just one memory. We are grateful for these last seasons and would like to thank Bridgestone for helping us make the GP2 Series one of the most successful, thrilling and respected categories in motorsport.

Why did you choose Bridgestone as the tyre supplier for the GP2 Series?

When we launched the GP2 Series back in 2005, we knew that the world of motorsport was watching closely our every moves. Our challenge was big, our ambitions were high and we needed strong, prestigious and experienced partners to help our Series become not only a success, but also a strategic choice to our future teams and drivers. Bridgestone were just that: their know-how and dedication was exactly what the category called for, a strong partner for a new Series. The company’s involvement and achievement in Formula One were also what appealed to us: our goal was to make the GP2 Series the strongest feeder category for F1. In GP2, drivers are the best prepared for the next step, including learning a lot about the tyres.

What have been the successes of the GP2 Series with Bridgestone as a strong supporter and partner?

The first important success was that Bridgestone provided us with the very similar tyres as the ones used in Formula One, including slick tyres. This was a true asset in helping GP2 drivers to step up in F1, our Series being a learning curve for the next step. The second achievement of our fruitful collaboration was Bridgestone’s capacity to understand our needs for tyre degradation and quickly react accordingly, circuit after circuit. This has always been one of our major concerns: with tyre degradation comes strategy for the teams and great training for the drivers. Bridgestone has always managed this demand well and the performance of their tyres has been key to the quality of our races and the overall show.



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