First points for Dennis Kuipers and Frederic Miclotte

"We have fought to achieve this result"


By Olivier Ferret

29 March 2011 - 20:02
First points for Dennis Kuipers and (...)

In a very challenging Vodafone Rally de Portugal, the FERM Power Tools World Rally Team finished for the first time in the top ten in their Ford Fiesta RS WRC. As a result both driver Dennis Kuipers and co-driver Frederic Miclotte scored their first point. Also for the FIA manufacturers’ championship table, FERM WRT scored two points.

"To score points for both Fred and I so early in the season and in such a tough rally, is just the greatest feeling!" says a delighted Kuipers. "We have fought to achieve this result. It was the toughest rally of my life."

Co-driver Miclotte won a point in the navigators ranking. "I am very happy with the points, especially how we did this after Mexico. It was such a difficult rally - there is not a scratch on the car and we are very pleased with the result we’ve achieved."

The rally in the hills around Faro is described as the toughest gravel rally in Europe. The stages are a mix of fast and slow parts and all very technical. This in combination with the rough gravel roads a damaged suspension or a flat tyre was always a clear risk.

The FERM Power Tools World Rally Team endured the rock-hard rally 385 kilometers without any problems. Kuipers: "On Saturday we had a moment where we narrowly escaped a flat tyre. We were lucky at that instance."

The FERM World Rally Team earned ninth place in the FIA Manufacturers Championship. With the four points from Sweden and the two from Portugal, the team has now 6 points and is eighth in the overall standings.


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