Engstler wins two in Yokohama trophy

"My car was not fine"

By Franck Drui

20 April 2014 - 19:58
Engstler wins two in Yokohama trophy

Just like in Marrakech, Franz Engstler won both the TC2T class races, counting towards the Yokohama Trophy.

However, he had to recover after a disappointing qualifying and especially after a hard crash in the second race, when he was hit by John Filippi’s SEAT.

“In the second race there were a lot of up and downs. I had a bad start with too much wheelspin, and after the contact I came back in the last position and had to fight back. After the restart I had a really good reflex, but Filippi hit me so hard and I fell back. The second safety car period helped me to close the gap, and after the second restart I had a really big fight with Pasquale Di Sabatino. My car was not fine, the steering was completely swerved to the right. But anyway, I was on the lucky side to be able to continue after the crash. Filippi hit me on the wheel, but nothing was broken, and I am very happy about it,” Engstler said.



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