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Current chassis to be used in next three-year cycle

GP2 Series announce cost-cutting plan


By Olivier Ferret

3 July 2013 - 11:58
Current chassis to be used in next (...)

As the third three-year cycle comes to an end at the end of this season, and as the team selection process for this new cycle is currently getting under way, GP2 Series have decided to implement a plan to cut down the costs. The current chassis (the GP2/11) will remain for the next three-year cycle which will start in 2014. This means that the chassis will no longer be depreciated over three years like it has been since the inception of the Series, but over six years instead. The organisers however leave the option open to produce an upgrade kit for 2015/2016, but of course, if decided, the costs of it will remain much less than a complete new chassis.

On top of this, GP2 have also worked with all of their suppliers including Dallara and Mecachrome to cut down the costs of spare parts of the chassis and of the engine (which will also remain the same as the engine used currently).

The cost-cutting plan will also include a thinking-process regarding the calendar: in order to decrease the freight costs, GP2 will choose to go via boat rather than plane when possible.

CEO Bruno Michel said: “Our Series which enters in its tenth season is doing well all things considered, but the economic crisis has been hitting the industry and everybody is feeling it. So we have taken several decisions in order to lower the costs for next season and beyond. This will definitely make it easier for our teams to fill their seats for the next three seasons.”


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