Coronel and ROAL tested in Vallelunga

With a new exhaust system developed by BMW Motorsport



22 February 2013 - 17:48
Coronel and ROAL tested in Vallelunga

ROAL Motorsport and Tom Coronel kicked off their racing season with two days of testing at Vallelunga, Italy.

The Dutchman was at the wheel of a BMW 320 TC fitted with a new exhaust system developed by BMW Motorsport. After a sunny Thursday, the weather changed to overcast and windy on Friday with light rain in the early morning, but the track was dry for most of the time and the team was able to complete the programme.

“We were mainly focusing on the engine set up and mapping. It is the first track test for the engine in 2013 specifications that features new exhaust and manifold. It has been a good test, though it is still too early to draw a conclusion on the benefits we may have from this technical development,” explained team principal Roberto Ravaglia.

And Coronel added: “It’s always a good feeling to be back at the wheel of a racing car after the winter break. The car is still pretty much the same, except for this new exhaust system. The main problem for us is to get down to the minimum weight, because in previous years we were never able to reach it. Now the FIA has reduced our weight from 1160 to 1150, but we need to find a solution for having a benefit from this. This is the third year for me in the team. I know them, my engineer and the car. I am satisfied and this is the first time I have the feeling that I am ready to attack. I’m not sure it’s gonna happen, but in Netherlands we have a say: the third time is going to be right one…”


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