Citroën Racing introduces the automatic road sweeper!

A fish lost in the desert !


By Franck D.

1 April 2010 - 10:06
Citroën Racing introduces the automatic

Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena, the leaders in the World Rally Championship, will be first out on the road tomorrow on the opening day of Rally Jordan. In order to reduce the harmful effects caused by sweeping, a phenomenon that is particular to gravel rallies, Citroën Racing has added an evolution to the C4 WRC driven by the six-time world champions.

Over the past few weeks this evolution, cunningly installed in the front bumper, has been developed in the utmost secrecy! Two miniature brushes have been integrated into the carbon fibre front spoiler and their role is to clean the road to help improve tyre grip. The redesigned spoiler has also enhanced the air flow under the car, and at the same time increased aero downforce.

“The on-going problem of sweeping drove us to examine different technical solutions,” explains Némo Broomstick, the engineer in charge of the project. “After several test sessions in a special underwater wind tunnel, we decided on the mini-sweepers in camel hair, which is particularly well adapted to the desert stages this weekend. Thanks to this radical innovation, we think we’ve improved Sébastien’s and Daniel’s chances of victory a hundredfold!”



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