Chilton: I was impressed by the Cruze

"It really looks and feels like a GT car to drive now"


By Olivier Ferret

25 March 2014 - 19:23
Chilton: I was impressed by the (...)

ROAL Motorsport and Tom Chilton had their first test with the Chevrolet RML Cruze TC1 car last week at Valencia.

On Friday the Briton completed 32 laps of the Spanish circuit that equate to more than 120 kilometres.

“It was great to drive the new RML built TC1 Chevy. It really looks and feels like a GT car to drive now. I was very impressed with the feedback I had through my fingertips on the steering wheel. The car straight out of the box was very neutral and easy to drive. I feel we have a great baseline setup to build upon. I just want to say a thank you to RML Group for getting our car ready for this test. Over the two days it was a great chance for ROAL and RML to work together closely and learn more about the car. We had one or two teething problems to start with but nothing out of the ordinary when building a new race car. I’m really looking forward to getting more miles under my belt next week in Italy to prepare ourselves for what is going to be a very exciting year ahead with all the new regulations,” Chilton commented.

ROAL Motorsport principal Roberto Ravaglia added: “I am positive about the test although it did not last as long as we wanted because of minor technical issues. The car seems to be well balanced and, most important of all, the engine is very good. There is still a lot of work to do and time is very short. We will test again with Chilton at Adria, on Sunday and Monday, and on the same days Tom Coronel will shake down his own car.”


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