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Charles Ng : The top 10 is my goal

"I am happy with my performance so far"


By Olivier Ferret

25 October 2013 - 14:38
Charles Ng : The top 10 is my (...)

Charles Ng was born in Hong Kong and, together with Darryl O’Young, he is one of the two Chinese drivers who take part in the whole WTCC season. Therefore, the WTCC event at Shanghai may be considered the home race meeting for the 29-year old driver of the Liqui Moly Team Engstler.

This is your second full season in the WTCC. Are you happy with your results so far?

“Yes, I am happy with my performance so far as I have met my short term goals: entering Q2 at Moscow and finishing in on the Yokohama Trophy podium in Japan. My teammate Franz Engstler is a very experienced driver and a WTCC race winner, I am glad that we always have some close but friendly competitions. I won some and he won some!”

Since you joined the championship in the two final events of 2011, you have been racing with Liqui Moly Team Engstler. How do you find yourself with them?

“There have been definitely ups and downs, and honestly I think we as a BMW team are fighting in the hardest times in the recent two years, since I joined the championship. However, the team and I never give up and we always try to keep our head up and work harder for better results. And I thank a lot Liqui Moly for taking me under their wing.”

Before WTCC you have been mostly active in drifting. How much did you have to adapt your driving style for the switch?

“I was in the Formula Drift USA Pro Championship, but prior to that I won the Asian Touring Car Series in 2010 before I took a break from racing. It was definitely not easy making the transition from drifting to racing or the other way around. I know there are a lot of pro drivers who were successful in one field that could not make a smooth transition to another. I have always been an entertainer style of driver and that is what drifting is all about: a show. In WTCC, I’d have to keep my cool and perform as consistently as possible. So racing is a mental challenge, I like it and I feel honoured and privileged to be racing against some of the best touring car drivers in the world!”

In the previous event, at Suzuka, you have claimed your best result ever in WTCC, finishing seventh in the second race after a close fight with 2012 World Champion Rob Huff. It was the perfect timing as this came just before your home race. What are your expectations for Shanghai?

“It sure had been a long coming, I finally claimed a podium finish for the Yokohama Trophy and the feeling was ecstatic! Not to mention beating Huff at the last corner! My expectations for Shanghai would be to finish once again in the top ten like I did for the past two years, and hopefully another Yokohama Trophy podium. There’s something about Shanghai that I have always done well in the past, let’s hope the great results will carry on for this year!”

Motor sports in general and touring cars are becoming more and more popular in China. What is your feeling about the popularity of the WTCC and CTCC joint event?

“There are many benefits to a joint event, and one of them is that the fans can truly experience the close fighting and atmosphere of a world class series. And as far as I know a lot of the CTCC drivers are also big fans of WTCC. I am already very much looking forward to meeting and performing in front of the Chinese fans at the Shanghai International Circuit!”


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