Changes to the Independents’ trophy

Turkington loses independent status


By Franck Drui

1 August 2010 - 10:38
Changes to the Independents’ trophy

WTCC promoter KSO decided to make the following changes to the regulations of 2010 WTCC Yokohama Independents’ Trophy with immediate effect:

 the additional point for each point scored in the WTCC overall classification will no longer be awarded

 the BMW 320si O car (A-5696 - O) entered under a race-by-race basis will no longer be eligible to score points in the Independents’ Trophy.

KSO general manager Marcello Lotti explained: “When I met the independent competitors last year in Macau, with the aim to establish the regulations for the 2010 Independents’ Trophy, it was decided to make the turbodiesel cars not eligible – because of their performances – and the race-by-race entries eligible, and also to maintain the extra point for each WTCC point.

Since then things happened that made those decisions inappropriate: the adoption of the Formula One point scale, the dispute over the ‘old’ and ‘new’ cars and the arrival of a race-by-race entrered car that has even better performance than the turbodiesels. Therefore I took the decision to make these changes in order to preserve the spirit of both the Trophy and the Macau meeting, and also not to unbalance the competition among the full season competitors.”

All this is directly targeted to Colin Turkington, who is now no longer considered an independent class entrant in the WTCC.


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