Block boosted by solid start in Argentina

“I got a lot of confidence today just being back in the car”

By Franck Drui

28 May 2011 - 08:08
Block boosted by solid start in (...)

Ken Block says completing the opening day of Rally Argentina has handed him a major confidence boost behind the wheel of his Monster World Rally Team Ford Fiesta RS WRC.

Block failed to start on his previous world championship appearance in Portugal in late March after a car wrecking crash in shakedown. After the first seven stages in South America, the Gymkhana star is ninth overall.

“I got a lot of confidence today just being back in the car,” said the popular American driver. “Shakedown is one thing but doing a 20-kilometre stage at speed is a whole different ball game. I’m going to pick up the pace tomorrow but do it in a smart way because I can leave here with some points if I play it smart. I would like to be quicker but it’s my first time on the stages so I can’t push as much as I like. I need the experience at this point.”

Despite his satisfaction at completing day one, Block admitted he has found it tough going: “The second stage today was the roughest stage I’ve driven in my life. I’ve never had such a workout and had to focus on holding the steering wheel so tight because it was constantly trying to rip out of my hands.”

Block said the reaction from the Argentine fans had spurred him on over Friday’s six stages. “I’m really enjoying it and it’s awesome seeing all those thousands of fans on the stages. They’re amazing and so enthusiastic about rally. I knew I couldn’t up with the faster guys on the Tarmac so I decided to slide as much as I could in the corners where the fans were although I almost lost it on the last corner of the last stage.”



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