2012 Qualifying : Menu the fastest man

He won pole position in four of the twelve events



28 November 2012 - 16:35
2012 Qualifying : Menu the fastest (...)

Alain Menu emerged as the fastest man in qualifying. He won pole position in four of the twelve events, while Muller topped the qualifying session three times, Huff and Tarquini twice, Michelisz once. In the all-time table, Menu and Tarquini are co-leaders with 15 pole positions.

The closest gap between the poleman and the second was 0.026 seconds at Shanghai, when Menu beat Muller, while the average gap over the season was of 0.258.

In the live-or-die battle to win a place in Q2, the average gap between the 12th (last qualified) and the 13th (first excluded) was of 0.055 seconds. The closest gap was recorded in Marrakech, where Pepe Oriola cut Franz Engstler off by only two thousandths of a second. For three times Engstler was the first driver to miss the cut, while this happened twice to Tom Coronel, James Nash and Alberto Cerqui.

Besides the three Chevrolet works drivers, Tarquini was the only one who made it to Q2 in all the events, while Pepe Oriola and Tiago Monteiro failed only twice. Rickard Rydell, Michel Nykjær and Colin Turkington had a perfect record, as they qualified for Q2 in the sole event they entered.


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