Zandvoort says 2020 F1 calendar ’almost impossible’

"We do not want to present vague plans"



22 April 2020 - 08:21
Zandvoort says 2020 F1 calendar (...)

Zandvoort’s hopes of hosting a Formula 1 race in 2020 have been dealt a near fatal blow, the Dutch circuit’s bosses admit.

On Tuesday, the Dutch prime minister announced that a ban on major sporting events has been extended until September.

Afterwards, race boss Jan Lammers said: "We will have to see what possibilities are still offered to us, but I do not think it is likely now that it will be possible this year.

"It is what it is," he told De Telegraaf. "At least there is clarity and I respect the level of assessment by the experts.

"But the management of Formula 1 and the FIA are now facing an almost impossible task to make something of a calendar for this year," Lammers added.

Lammers repeated his insistence that Zandvoort will not be among those circuits willing to host a race without the attendance of spectators.

"That is impossible for us and we do not want to present vague plans," Lammers said.

"We want to roll out the event as we envisaged and we are ready to activate it. But it is the virus that rules. Singapore also thought they had handled everything right and now they regret having relaxed the rules.

"It’s a shame, of course, but again we are taking a step back," the former F1 driver also told the publication Formule 1. "It’s not as though we are the only organisers in this situation."

Circuit director Robert van Overdijk is similarly pessimistic, even about the prospect of a race some time after the new Dutch ban ends in September.

"We would have a duty to think about such a request, but my personal opinion? I don’t think everything will suddenly be free again after 2 September," he said.

As for Zandvoort’s survival, Overdijk is more optimistic - but he admits that the financial picture is not rosy.

"All the government measures are a drop of water on a hotplate," he said.


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