Williams contract rumours make Sainz ’laugh’

"Sometimes this is not punished in some media"


7 June 2024 - 07:31
Williams contract rumours make Sainz (…)

Carlos Sainz has scoffed at rumours that he has finally put pen to paper on a Formula 1 team contract for 2025.

The big rumour in Montreal ahead of the Canadian GP is that the Ferrari refugee has said ’no’ to Audi-owned Sauber and will instead wait for a potential opening at Red Bull or Mercedes for 2026.

So for 2025, it is whispered that the 29-year-old has now signed a one-year Williams deal.

"I saw it in the media but when I look at these things, it makes me laugh," Sainz said on Thursday.

"It makes me laugh because I remember seeing news three months ago that I had signed for Mercedes, and then news that I had signed for Red Bull, and neither of those things happened.

"Now probably the same people say that I have signed for Williams, so it’s funny. It also makes me laugh or worried that sometimes this is not punished in some media - and I’m not talking to you (reporters), because you are here and you know when something has been signed or not.

"When I have something to say or something to announce, you guys will be the first to know and I’ll be here talking about it openly," the Spaniard said.

Sainz continued that he still has multiple options on the table for his future, and "I am happy and proud to be able to choose my future in Formula 1".

"I don’t think many drivers have the opportunity to choose where they are going to race for the next two or three years," he said.

"With the people I have spoken to, I feel respected and that makes me positive for the future."

Sainz insists that news of Sergio Perez being re-signed by Red Bull this week did not surprise him.

"I’ve known for a while that the path to Red Bull Racing was blocked, so that didn’t change anything for me," he said. "I still have excellent options on the table."

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