Where Should You Gamble on F1? Tips &Tricks on F1 Betting


2 March 2023 - 17:50
Where Should You Gamble on F1? (...)

Gambling on races became a thing over 100 years ago. At first, people wagered on horse and greyhound races, and they still do it. But now we have cars and talented drivers, so things got more interesting, and the adrenaline rush is more intense.

The 2023 Racing Season started in Bahrain, and the general interest in Formula 1 betting grew again. Casino operators have already changed their promotions to include F1 odds and advertise them. Let’s see how you can bet efficiently and safely on Formula 1 while enjoying this year’s races.

Understanding the basics of this sport

Formula 1 is a high-speed, high-stakes sport, with top drivers and teams competing for the Grand Prix. This creates a lot of excitement, making it even more appealing to try your luck.

There are several reasons why Formula 1 betting is so popular. Firstly, the sport has a large following worldwide, with races held in multiple countries and continents throughout the year. This means that there are plenty of opportunities to bet on races, and many fans enjoy the added excitement of having a wager on the outcome.

Things that will influence the outcome

If you are a newbie to Formula 1 as a sport or betting, you must know that multiple things can influence the race’s outcome. First, we have the drivers and their equipment, cars, and teams.

Each company has two drivers with two different cars. These cars are adapted to the driver and will never be the same. Although the changes are not common knowledge and few bettors mind them, they still play an essential role. The engines and tires are the most important and visible parts that will influence the outcome.

The weather is also crucial. F1 racers know how to drive under any weather conditions, but some are better at managing the wheels in the rain than others. Other things that can change the podium are the race tracks, temperature, starting position and technical errors.

Types of F1 bets

Formula 1 has four main betting categories: qualifying, outrights, long-term, and live.

Qualifying wagers: You bet on drivers’ times and performances during races. The qualifying games are one day before the primary race, and they tell the order in which the pilots will start the next day.

Long-term: Generic bet for season-length markets. Shortly, you bet on the total points a team will obtain this year.

Race winner: You bet on the pilot who finishes first in a singular race.

Championship winner: This is a bet on which driver/team will win the championship at the end of the season. This bet is somehow similar to long-term wagers.

Podium finish: This is a bet on a driver finishing in the top three. You can indicate the position if you want to be more specific.

Fastest lap: You bet on which driver will have the quickest lap in a race.

Pole position: This is a bet on which the driver will qualify in the first place.

Head-to-head: This is a more advanced wager. You take two drivers around the same level and number of points and place a bet on which of the two selected drivers will finish the race ahead of the other.

Where can you bet on F1 races?

Reputable online sites that started adding F1 bets to their portfolio years ago. The rising popularity of this sport is constantly growing; therefore, you will find competitive betting options in any online casino.

However, fame also comes with its ugly side, and the F1 betting phenomenon is no exception. Many unlicensed casinos have taken advantage of this trend to lure even more people into registering on their platforms.

The situation is alarming as casino data collecting experts showed how over 1000 gamblers register on illegal casinos monthly, with the numbers expected to double by 2025 due to the White Paper’s delay. So when you want to gamble your chances of winning an F1 race wager, remember always to check your providers.

To ensure the casino is legit, look for its licensing number at the bottom of the homepage. Besides this, you can read reviews from experts reviewing websites and even people’s opinions about them.

How much knowledge do you need before betting?

In case you are an F1 fan and know the main rules, cars and drivers, you need just a little bit of betting knowledge. This means you must understand the abovementioned things to ensure you bet safely and get real chances of winning.

You also might need to know when to bet. Usually, these odds are available before the race starts, but you’ll also find some, like Championship Campion, open while the race is on. That is because the championship is not over or near an end, and people can still speculate about the winner.


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