Verstappen hits back at Hamilton rule proposal

"Life is unfair as well, so we just have to deal with it"


30 June 2023 - 08:32
Verstappen hits back at Hamilton (…)

Max Verstappen has scoffed at Lewis Hamilton’s proposed solution for ending the dominance of single Formula 1 teams.

Mercedes’ Hamilton told reporters in Austria that the FIA should consider banning work on next year’s cars until at least August 1.

"It needs to change because that’s why you have dominance for so long," said the seven time world champion. "They keep allowing it to happen.

"When Ferrari were ahead the same thing happened there. When Red Bull were ahead with Seb (Vettel) back in the day they could start earlier. They were always ahead."

Hamilton says he suspects that the only reason Red Bull’s rivals have gotten closer in recent races is because the dominant team is already fully focused on 2024.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner doesn’t deny that.

"Obviously, because we have a lot less wind tunnel time, we have to start thinking a lot about next year," he said.

"There are obviously things that we’ll keep bringing to this year’s car, but a lot of the focus now back in the factory is already on next year."

Runaway championship leader Max Verstappen, however, scoffed at Hamilton’s suggestion that letting Red Bull get a head-start on 2024 is "unfair".

"Life is unfair as well, so we just have to deal with it," the Dutchman hit back in the FIA press conference. "It’s not only in Formula 1."

Afterwards, he then told Dutch media: "We didn’t hear him (Hamilton) say this when he won the titles all these years, did we?

"It doesn’t seem right to me. This is how Formula 1 works.

"If you have a competitive car, at some point you can start looking more at next season," Verstappen added. "It makes sense that he said it, but they should then not forget what the situation was like when they won all those championships years in a row.

"If we had said back then something like he’s saying, we probably would have reacted to them the way I am now."

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