Uncle says Alfa Romeo not ’better option’ for Schumacher

"If it was a top team, it would be a great opportunity for Mick"



17 July 2021 - 13:06
Uncle says Alfa Romeo not ’better (...)

Mick Schumacher’s uncle has again questioned the "sense" in rumours the young German could move from Haas to Alfa Romeo for 2022.

Ralf Schumacher, the younger brother of 22-year-old Mick’s father and F1 legend Michael, has already wondered if a sideways step on the grid is right for Mick.

"If it was a top team, it would be a great opportunity for Mick," Ralf told Sky Deutchland.

"But I’m not sure if Alfa Romeo really is a better option. Mick can still learn a lot at Haas, so if their new car really is a step forward, it would make perfect sense for Mick to stay another year.

"We can’t forget that a young driver can need easily six months to establish himself in a team and get the most out of what he has. I think the collaboration with Ferrari is much more important for him.

"It seems to work well so far - even with his current team," Schumacher, 46, added.

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