There are ’signs’ F1 wants to revive German GP

"It needs partners who are willing to spread the risk"


21 June 2023 - 12:54
There are 'signs' F1 wants (…)

Formula 1 wants to revive the defunct German GP, Hockenheim boss Jorn Teske insists.

Nico Hulkenberg, at the lower midfield team Haas, admits it is a "pity" that he is currently the only German driver on the grid.

Also missing are Hockenheim and the Nurburgring.

"Of course it’s a pity that the air seems to be out of the ball somehow in Germany at the moment," Hulkenberg told Sport1.

"Today in Germany, cars are now basically more of a bogeyman than the pride of our nation because of climate change. And this has hurt motorsport," said the 35-year-old.

"And when you see how big this circus is, it’s clear - it’s not going to change overnight. But yes, Formula 1 must also be active in this regard."

The good news for Germany, however, is Hockenheim boss Jorn Teske’s revelation that F1 does indeed seem interested in reviving a German GP.

"The pressure is great about a German GP so Formula 1 has approached us and wants to talk," he told the Watson news portal.

"There are signs from the series that something like this is conceivable in the future. But they are just signs. No more and no less," Teske added.

He said the "big problem" is that with the current business model, Hockenheim will lose money even with a full house of spectators.

"It therefore needs partners who are willing to spread the risk on different shoulders," Teske explained. "It cannot be that all the players want to earn money in Formula 1 except the racetrack."

However, he admits that any support within Germany has "faded away across all political colours".

"It annoys me because a Formula 1 weekend also creates a great deal of value," said Teske, who said Audi entering the sport in 2026 gives a little hope.

"This could enliven the debate," he added.

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