Stroll did not apologise for Ricciardo rear-end

"Those things are done behind closed doors"


3 May 2024 - 09:44
Stroll did not apologise for Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo and Lance Stroll are yet to bury the hatchet, two weeks after their bizarre run-in behind the safety car in China.

Stroll, whose billionaire father owns the Aston Martin team he drives for, rear-ended Ricciardo’s RB in Shanghai and initially blamed the Australian - before turning his attention to the "concertina" effect.

When he heard that Stroll had blamed him, Ricciardo told the media at the time: "F*ck that guy, and I’m being nice."

Two weeks on, and 25-year-old Canadian Stroll was asked by a reporter if he’s cleared the air with Ricciardo.

"That’s not for this room," Stroll replied. "Those things are done behind closed doors."

So did Stroll apologise to Ricciardo behind those closed doors?

"He didn’t speak to me and he never called me or sent me a message," Ricciardo is quoted by Le Journal de Montreal newspaper from Miami on Thursday.

When a reporter told the 34-year-old what Stroll had said earlier, newspaper correspondent Francois-David Rouleau relayed: "He (Ricciardo) just smiled widely and added that he didn’t expect anything else from Stroll."

Ricciardo said: "If I was the one at fault, I would have apologised. I had a run-in with Yuki (Tsunoda) a few years ago and that’s exactly what I did."

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