Steiner sues Haas, not ruling out F1 return

"I’m always open to a good project"


2 May 2024 - 10:48
Steiner sues Haas, not ruling out (...)

Days after failing to rule out a return to F1 team leadership, it emerges that sacked former Haas boss Gunther Steiner is suing the small American team.

Reports suggest the popular 59-year-old, who remains in the Formula 1 paddock as a television pundit and ambassador for the Miami GP, is seeking unpaid commissions and breach of contract.

The lawsuit, filed in North Carolina - where Haas has its US base - also accuses the team of cashing in on Steiner’s popularity by continuing to sell merchandise featuring his likeness without compensating him.

"After years of accepting the benefits of Mr. Steiner’s reputation, experience and deep connections within the sport, Haas F1 cannot withhold from Mr. Steiner the benefits he has earned," the lawsuit reads, specifically making mention of Steiner’s memorable appearances in Drive To Survive.

"This (Netflix) exposure was extremely valuable to the upstart racing team, particularly as it looked for additional revenue streams to support itself in the notoriously expensive Formula 1 environment," the lawsuit added.

Monetary figures and other details were redacted at Steiner’s lawyers’ request.

Just days ago, Steiner told F1’s official website that he is not ruling out a return to team management even if there is "no urgency".

"I’m always open to a good project," he said. "What is a good project? I can’t define it - but they always come up.

"Staying around gives me ideas. I’m very lucky I’m under no pressure. And it means I can enjoy a lot more time with my family."

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