Steiner open to FIA checks on Haas legality

"Everything we do is according to the regulations"



21 April 2022 - 11:12
Steiner open to FIA checks on Haas (...)

Gunther Steiner says the FIA is more than welcome to probe the legality of Haas’ 2022 car.

Several teams are reportedly questioning the closeness of the small American team’s relationship with Ferrari, with some even describing Haas’ more competitive 2022 car as a ’white Ferrari’.

"Everything we do is according to the regulations," team boss Steiner told ntv.

"I said to the FIA ’guys, please come and check us every day because we are doing nothing wrong with the rules’," he insisted.

"For example, today the FIA is with us doing their checks. And they are welcome, because if they find something, we will improve it. But they will not find that we have copied a car.

"They have come too often for that. I told them ’check what you want, come whenever you want, you’re always welcome’," he added.

Steiner said those checks involve "all of our IT systems", including "whether we have any links to Ferrari - whether we are sharing data".

"But I don’t think any team would be so stupid as to take a risk there. Too much is at stake.

"If you think back to the Mercedes-Racing Point case, Mercedes was also involved and now Ferrari can’t afford that either."

Steiner thinks the ’white Ferrari’ story has the old familiar ring of direct rivals only complaining when a smaller team becomes more competitive.

"It’s gotten boring, like warmed up soup," he said. "It’s always the same - everyone trying to invent something that isn’t there.

"I think if you’re going to complain, have proper arguments. Don’t just say the same thing or it’s like a broken record."

Perez may quit if F1 calendar keeps growing
Apr.21 (GMM) Formula 1’s annual race calendar is at tipping point, according to Red Bull driver Sergio Perez.

The current schedule is at an unprecedented 23 races, with Formula 1 looking to potentially replace the axed Russian GP with a second outing this year in Singapore.

But for the future, even more races are on the cards.

"With 23 races you’ve already reached the saturation point," Red Bull team boss Christian Horner said.

One solution is that F1 scratches a few of the classic European events including Paul Ricard and even the fabled Spa and Monaco.

"I’m a big fan of going to Miami and Las Vegas, but at the same time it would be a great loss not to have some classic European races anymore," Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz said.

What’s clear for 32-year-old Perez is that the calendar must not go beyond its March-December calendar that is bursting the seams with 23 separate race dates.

"It’s great that Formula 1 continues to develop and grow," the Mexican told The Athletic. "You can see it everywhere we go – people are starting to recognise you on the street more and more often.

"But if there are too many races, it will be bad. At least for me.

"Right now we are constantly immersed in work, because there are a lot of races. We simply don’t have enough time to spend time with our families.

"I personally have two children. I think if the calendar expands even more, I will definitely no longer compete in Formula 1," Perez warned.

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