Red Bull solves ’track limits’ issue for Austrian GP

"Anyone who drives onto it or even touches it will be at a disadvantage"


26 June 2024 - 10:52
Red Bull solves 'track limits'

F1’s governing body and track owner Red Bull have moved to prevent the sort of ’track limits’ chaos that marred last year’s running of the Austrian GP.

In 2023, the Formula 1 event at the Red Bull Ring descended into farce with over 1000 ’track limit’ violations, a hail-storm of penalties, and post-race results delays and protests.

In collaboration with the FIA, race organisers think they have solved the problem for this weekend’s Austrian GP.

A temporary gravel strip has been added on the other side of the kerbs at the biggest trouble-spots - turns 9 and 10.

"Anyone who drives onto it or even touches it will be at a disadvantage," said Erich Wolf, general manager at the Red Bull Ring.

"That solves the problem by itself," he added.

Wolf explained that the strips of gravel can be easily removed after the Formula 1 weekend, as it will not be appropriate for the MotoGP race in August.

"We can’t optimise the track for one (category) and then the others can’t drive anymore," he said.

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