Performance disparity possible in 2022 - Brawn

"They will all be different cars from one another"


21 January 2022 - 09:16
Performance disparity possible in (…)

Ross Brawn has moved to allay fears about the new generation of Formula 1 cars.

"As soon as we presented the new regulations, they said we had been too restrictive," the sport’s managing director is quoted by Italy’s Autosprint.

F1’s main goal for the next generation of cars, which will be revealed by the teams throughout February, is to improve the racing - with more regulated ’ground effect’-style aerodynamics at the heart of the concept.

Some, however, worried that the rules are so restrictive that all the cars would basically be the same.

"As the engineers have explored all of the opportunities, they have realised that it will be easier than the first impression for having different solutions," Brawn said.

"The feedback we’re getting now is that they will all be different cars from one another, and different to the model we presented as well," he insisted.

"As long as we are able to control the critical areas, with no solution differing much from our concept, we can still have the variation that is so good for Formula 1," said Brawn.

"If on the other hand we see solutions that we did not foresee, we can go back to our plans to see what effect they are having."

Therefore, the former team owner and Ferrari technical boss insists he is "very happy" with how 2022 is shaping up.

"What we have is a platform for the future," said the 67-year-old Briton.

"I admit there may be a bit of disparity in performance at first, because everyone will be trying their various solutions. But I think that once everyone has fully digested the new regulations, these regulations will be a very good platform for our goals."

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