Palou ’not disappointed’ about F1 setback

"I can only say that I am sad about how it has turned out"


5 September 2023 - 13:49
Palou 'not disappointed' (…)

Alex Palou insists he is "not disappointed" that a legal spat with McLaren may have derailed his ambitions to switch to Formula 1.

After winning the title in 2021, the 26-year-old Spaniard got his second Indycar championship this year.

He was even a hot tip for a promotion to Formula 1, given his relationship with McLaren. But the Zak Brown-led outfit is now suing Palou for up to $30 million for reneging on a deal to move to McLaren’s Indycar team.

Palou broke his silence on the affair this week in comments broadcast by DAZN.

"I know a lot about law now, I’ve had classes for a year," he laughed.

"I would have liked a quieter year, so I hope that happens in 2024 and in the rest of my career," Palou added.

"Honestly, I don’t understand," he said when asked about McLaren’s reported $20-$30 million lawsuit.

"I guess everyone can ask for what they want. Maybe I can ask you for 400 million for asking me a difficult question," he laughed again.

But when asked if he is disappointed that the legal spat may have put his F1 aspirations on the back burner for now, Palou answered: "Well, no.

"I think they did give me a lot of chances. I ran for them in COTA and they also gave me some chances this year - I did a test in Budapest.

"But I’m personally not disappointed that I won’t get another (chance). I can only say that I am sad about how it has turned out.

"One day I will maybe write a book so everyone can understand what happened in 2022 and 2023, month by month. For now, I’m not going to give too many more details. Doing so right now wouldn’t help anyone.

"When the season is over I’ll be able to explain myself more," Palou added. "I’m trying to get away from all this and focus on the racing, but I know what’s happening at every step and I can’t do much else from my side."

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