Non-racing F1 role likely for Alonso after 2026

"It may be an even longer relationship than we think"


20 April 2024 - 16:18
Non-racing F1 role likely for Alonso

Fernando Alonso’s new Aston Martin contract could soon make his long-time colleague Pedro de la Rosa redundant.

Alonso and former F1 driver de la Rosa have been paired together not only at Aston Martin, where the latter Spaniard is a team ambassador, but also at McLaren and Ferrari in the past.

Alonso, 42, has called his new deal with Aston Martin "the longest contract" he has ever signed in F1 - even though it only guarantees a racing role for 2025 and 2026.

Antonio Lobato, the commentator for the Spanish broadcaster DAZN, asked 53-year-old de la Rosa in Shanghai when he will extend his own Aston Martin deal.

"I made the joke this week that when Fernando Alonso is in, Pedro will be out," de la Rosa laughed. "Well, if it really is for Fernando to stay in the team, then I’m leaving."

De la Rosa was joking, but the implication is clear - a non-racing role is on the cards for Alonso once he finally decides to hang up his helmet.

When asked when that might be, de la Rosa answered: "Fernando has signed such a long-term contract, two years of competing at first, that I don’t see an expiration date for him."

"Fernando has never hidden the possibility of staying in a more technical role behind the wall to help the team or as a consultant for Aston Martin.

"It may be an even longer relationship than we think."

2026 will be Alonso’s 23rd season on the F1 grid, and by that time he will be 45.

"In a sport as difficult as this one, where the level of demand is extreme and where there are only 20 places, staying there for so long and that you are still such a player in the transfer market is amazing."

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