’No reason’ for Haas to dump Magnussen - Steiner

"We have the best drivers we can get at the moment"


25 August 2023 - 08:54
'No reason' for Haas to (…)

Gunther Steiner admits he never even contemplated parting with current Haas team lineup Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen for 2024.

F1 pundit Marc Surer recently said Hulkenberg’s strong return to Formula 1 this year was "ruining" team incumbent Magnussen’s career.

However, the pair have both been re-signed for next season.

"I think we have the best drivers we can get at the moment," boss Steiner said at Zandvoort, "when you consider our finances and how attractive our car is.

"So I never talked to anyone."

Steiner admits some drivers showed "interest" in racing for Haas next year, but his priority is fixing the obvious performance problems with the car.

"If you look at the opportunities, there are not many without risk, and I don’t want to take risks at the moment," he said. "Right now we want stability.

"We have control over one part of the team with the drivers now. Now we have to work on the car and get that part fixed as well.

"A year ago the drivers were a concern," said Steiner, who dumped Mick Schumacher at the end of 2023. "This year they are not and next year they are not a concern."

Some, however, are surprised that Magnussen, 30, has been given another season even though he has been roundly outperformed by F1 returnee Hulkenberg.

"With Kevin, we now understand why he is struggling so much," said Steiner when asked about that. "The car is very difficult to drive and he has a little more trouble with it than Nico.

"That’s another reason why we decided to fix it. Big changes were never really planned and we also want to make sure Kevin can work on getting along better in peace, so that he didn’t always have to think about his contract.

"You also have to look at what the alternatives would have been," he added. "In the end there was no reason to change anything."

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