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Next-gen F1 engines must be louder - Horner

"So far, the dialogue has been extremely constructive"


By Olivier Ferret

8 July 2021 - 17:39
Next-gen F1 engines must be louder (...)

The next generation of Formula 1 cars should be louder, according to Red Bull team boss Christian Horner.

He argues that the sport lost a key ingredient when the screaming normally-aspirated engines of the past were replaced with turbo hybrid ’power units’ in 2014.

"We always have to remember that racing needs to trigger the emotions, and that requires a good sound," said Horner.

Initially with Honda’s support, Red Bull is going it alone as an engine marque from 2022 and is therefore a key part of discussions about the all-new 2025 engine rules.

"Sustainability is obviously something we need to keep, but Formula 1 has to entertain, and that means the engine has to sound good," Horner insisted.

"Today’s engines are also too expensive so we now have the chance to correct mistakes that were made ten years ago."

Former Mercedes boss Norbert Haug says the good news is that it is technologically possible to "feed the engines of tomorrow and get a sound from yesterday".

Horner continued: "I hope we can all find a way to create great engines for 2025. 2026 would be even better.

"So far, the dialogue has been extremely constructive."

Current Mercedes chief Toto Wolff, however, warns that Formula 1 has higher priorities than engine sound.

"We cannot be gas guzzlers with screaming engines when everyone expects us to be electric," he insisted.

"The new engines will continue to have a combustion element - we are sticking with the V6 concept - but the electrical components will be significantly enhanced."

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