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New F1 race deal announcement unlikely at Spanish GP

"We are very hopeful, we are very optimistic"


14 June 2024 - 11:03
New F1 race deal announcement unlikely

Fans of the annual Spanish GP should not expect news about Barcelona’s future on the Formula 1 calendar this month.

With Madrid already signed up to take over the Spanish GP title from 2026, there remains great uncertainty about whether Barcelona can ink a similar deal.

The good news for Circuit de Catalunya supporters is that extensive renovation works at the venue - requested by F1 - are currently taking shape.

"I think we all know what Liberty Media is asking for and what F1 is asking for in order to keep the (Barcelona) grand prix," said Oriol Sagrera, the new Circuit de Catalunya CEO.

"So it doesn’t have so much to do with the fact that there would be two grands prix in the same country, but rather with what the proposal is from the promoter.

"And we have equipped ourselves with the tools to offer the best proposal and the best experience of F1 at the global level," he added. "And we are aware that we are competing at a global level, with markets that are doing an excellent job.

"Our ambition is to do it equally well or better than our competitors."

As is often the case with expiring F1 contracts, negotiations and announcements typically occur during that event’s actual race weekend.

But Sagrera played down the chances of that occurring later in June, when the Formula 1 world will gather in Barcelona for the 2024 Spanish GP.

"We are very hopeful, we are very optimistic and the relationship with F1 is excellent," he said, "as we have said many times. But it is not yet time to explain the details of the negotiations or to close this agreement.

"Therefore, for this grand prix, it is highly unlikely that there will be any announcement in this regard. But I trust that in the coming months or years, because we still have two and a half years ahead of us, that we will be able to explain that F1 is staying in Barcelona for much longer."

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