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Mercedes to set pace in Austria - Alesi

"Maybe we will see some minor changes in the hierarchy"



10 June 2020 - 15:16
Mercedes to set pace in Austria - (...)

Jean Alesi thinks Mercedes will be the team to beat when the revised world championship kicks off next month in Austria.

"The teams have not been able to develop much," the former F1 driver told Italy’s Autosprint.

"Maybe we will see some minor changes in the hierarchy, but I think the Mercedes advantage will still be there," Alesi said.

While the season was in turmoil and shutdown amid the corona crisis, some drivers kept their skills sharp and profiles high with online simulator racing.

Frenchman Alesi denied that drivers like Charles Leclerc were showboating on their livestreams.

"No, I think he’s just having fun," said the former Ferrari driver. "He just shows that he is also young but also that he can cheer up the situation in a gloomy time.

"I appreciate that more than the drivers you don’t hear from. I think there are always some Formula 1 drivers who forget what role they play for the fans," Alesi added.


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