Marko says ’truce’ agreed with Christian Horner

"We have lost the dominance of the first three races"


6 June 2024 - 10:56
Marko says 'truce' agreed (…)

Dr Helmut Marko says the public heat has gone from Red Bull’s obvious leadership power struggle because of his "truce" with Christian Horner.

Marko, the energy drink concern’s key F1 consultant who is contracted directly by Red Bull GmbH rather than the team, will be conspicuously absent in Montreal on Friday.

However, he says it’s not because there are still efforts to sideline or oust him - but because the state of Styria is presenting him with an award for his services to the region.

"But it’s not much use because I’m not going to the Opera Ball," Marko, 81, laughed in an interview with Kronen Zeitung.

More important in Marko’s mind is that Red Bull, having dominated the entire ’ground effect’ regulations era from 2022 to date, is now being seriously challenged by Ferrari and McLaren.

"We have lost the dominance of the first three races," the Austrian admits. "The competition has caught up in the third year of the current regulations by copying some things and even improving them.

"There is not much room for innovation anymore," Marko lamented. "But this is simply a logical development."

The 2024 car’s struggle to handle bumps and high kerbs became painfully clear to Red Bull last time out in Monaco.

"Ferrari is better in this respect," Marko said, "and they’re also better in terms of top speed. The fact is, we are not going to Canada as favourites."

However, he says Red Bull is not giving up. "We will combine all our forces," said Dr Marko. "Even if we are no longer dominant, we want to get the maximum out of it and look towards the world championship title."

And to achieve that, Marko says it’s important that the internal leadership turmoil and scandal that marred the start of the 2024 campaign is now being managed.

"We have made a truce," Marko said when asked about the conflict with team boss Christian Horner.

Finally, Marko hinted that moves are afoot in Formula 1 to prevent a repeat of the painfully slow and processional Monaco GP that recently took place.

"It was a farce," he admits, "but they are already considering a new layout, also because the atmosphere in Monte Carlo is simply incomparable."

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