Magnussen’s F1 career in peril - John Nielsen

"There may well be a conflict"



30 June 2020 - 14:33
Magnussen’s F1 career in peril - (...)

Kevin Magnussen will not be feeling confident about his future in Formula 1, according to former Le Mans winner John Nielsen.

Having halted development of Haas’ 2020 car for cost reasons, Dane Magnussen’s boss Gunther Steiner refused to rule out needing to sign up a pay-driver for 2021.

"They said they will not develop the car until they see how much money comes in," fellow Dane Nielsen told TV3.

"If you put that together with Steiner saying that he does not rule out pay-drivers, then that is an indication that all is not well.

"At the same time Kevin has been saying ’if I have to pay, I won’t drive’. There may well be a conflict," Nielsen added.

And if Magnussen is ousted, he may well struggle to find another seat.

"Kevin is established and known by everyone, but there’s no opening at a top team and he’s not at the top of the list," Nielsen said.

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