Lando Norris says social media ’sucks’

"I have a guy who works for me and pretends to be me"



28 May 2021 - 12:37
Lando Norris says social media (...)

Lando Norris appears to have lost his cool with the new world of social media.

To some, the 21-year-old epitomises the new and youthful internet age, as he streams his video gaming on Twitch and has over three million Instagram followers.

But Norris actually thinks social media "sucks" - and as he races away from highly-rated McLaren teammate Daniel Ricciardo in 2021, he has also taken a step away from the internet.

"I’m still enjoying what I’m doing, there’s also just a lot of focus on the job itself. That’s why I got rid of social media," the McLaren driver told Channel 4.

"Well, I’m still on it, but I never look at it. I have a minion, a guy who works for me and types away pretending to be me. But I’m away from all that - it sucks."

Indeed, Norris lost his cool with some of his followers on Twitch after Monaco when they criticised him for waving at Ricciardo as he lapped the Australian.

"Alright, so I see so many of you make up absolute crap and nonsense as usual. Any time someone lets me pass for a blue flag - anyone - I put my hand up and say thanks. Alright?" he said.

As he rides a wave of form, McLaren has re-signed Norris and now fellow Monaco podium-sitters Carlos Sainz and even Max Verstappen are predicting another strong race for him in Baku.

Championship leader Verstappen even predicts Norris will have a "rocket" on his hands on Baku’s long straight.

"A bit of a rocket on the straight," Sainz, Norris’ former McLaren teammate, agrees.

"The car was definitely not bad last year in Monza, not bad around Monaco, so maybe I will bet on you," the Ferrari driver told Norris. "Let’s see if I’m right."


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