Lammers backtracks on spectator-less Dutch GP

"At some point I made more of a personal statement..."



23 April 2020 - 11:48
Lammers backtracks on spectator-less

Jan Lammers has backtracked after declaring that there will almost certainly be no Dutch GP in 2020.

Earlier, the Zandvoort race’s sports director said that after the Dutch government banned events until September, a race even without spectators can effectively be ruled out.

But speaking to Dutch radio Veronica, he subsequently backpedalled.

"At some point I made more of a personal statement than actually speaking from my position," Lammers said.

"If we have to choose between no grand prix or a grand prix without an audience, there are more votes in favour of the latter."

At the same time, Barcelona circuit boss Joan Fontsere said that Liberty Media understands that ’ghost races’ mean that race fees would need to be renegotiated.

Asked how that might work, Lammers said: "I don’t determine that. We have Robert van Overdijk, the general director of the circuit, who has been in constant contact to get this enormous job done.

"In any case, we are open to everything."


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