Italy, Britain hit back at F1 flyover ban

"The Red Arrows have played a significant part"


24 January 2022 - 09:39
Italy, Britain hit back at F1 flyover

Italian and British Formula 1 hosts are hitting back after the sport vowed to ban the traditional flyovers of military aircraft before races in 2022.

Billed as a sustainability measure, but amid suspicions the real motive is to limit the flexing of military muscle in unstable times, the news prompted Silverstone to clarify that its Red Arrows planes are not military aircraft.

"The Red Arrows have played a significant part in entertaining motorsport fans since they first performed at the British GP in 1966 and I am pleased to say that Formula 1 has confirmed this much-loved tradition can continue at Silverstone in 2022," said managing director Stuart Pringle.

However, it appears to be a different story for Italy’s Frecce Tricolori, which according to Corriere della Sera newspaper have indeed been removed from the program at Imola and Monza.

"I hope that the intention to eliminate the performance of the Frecce Tricolori in Formula 1 will return," said Geronimo La Russa, president of Italy’s automobile club Aci.

"I hope that, in the end, a shared solution will be found so as not to deprive the spectators of what is in effect a show within a show, as well as a strong appeal to national identity," he is quoted by Ansa news agency.



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