Isola still driving coronavirus ambulance

"If I told you I’m not afraid I’d be telling a lie"



14 April 2020 - 08:03
Isola still driving coronavirus (...)

Pirelli boss Mario Isola is not sitting out the coronavirus crisis at home.

For years, one of the Italian’s hobbies has been driving ambulances in his native country, according to Corriere della Sera newspaper.

"If I told you I’m not afraid I’d be telling a lie," Isola, who has stepped up amid Italy’s horror epidemic, said.

He said he has been wearing a "protective helmet, goggles, double gloves and overalls" every time he attends a scene.

But Isola said the worst part is that Covid-19 patients must travel in the ambulance without their loved ones.

"It’s the toughest moment - trying to reassure them without the very strong psychological support of a team member. In this situation it is obviously not possible," he said.

Also difficult to see, Isola admitted, are the baskets that are hanging from the windows of Italian residents’ homes.

"We too have organised a collection of food and medicines," he said. "But when I think back to the full restaurants only a month and a half ago, there is a good lesson: in Italy, solidarity is not lacking."


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