Honda wants direct F1 income from 2026

"We should aim for self-supporting profitability"


7 July 2023 - 13:24
Honda wants direct F1 income from 2026

Honda would like talks with Formula 1 to boost the influence of the engine manufacturers.

The Japanese marque initially pulled out of the sport after 2021 but maintained links with Red Bull via the subsidiary Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) in collaboration with the team’s new ’Red Bull Powertrains’ project.

However, Honda will return as a full works engine manufacturer in collaboration with Aston Martin from 2026 - for the all-new engine rules in which the electric elements will be substantially ramped up.

And HRC president Koji Watanabe said another key difference is that Honda wants to be more deeply involved in Formula 1 off the track as well.

"It’s a contract with the team (Aston Martin)," he told, "so I can’t talk about it in detail.

"But power unit suppliers have expenses for development and manufacturing, but they don’t have income from F1 because of the Concorde Agreement.

"Also, in terms of marketing activities, the constructors run the teams so we, the power unit suppliers, have little authority until now.

"At the beginning of our next project, we will review the contract in that area, increase the opportunities for us to speak out, and consult with the team to create an environment that makes it easier for Honda to continue in F1," the Japanese added.

Watanabe implied that his proposed changes would insulate Honda’s racing subsidiary from the decision-making pressures of the parent company.

"In the future, we should aim for self-supporting profitability, and you can think of it as the first step towards that," he said.



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