Honda aims to be ’champion’ in 2020

"I am excited and anxious about the goal"



24 June 2020 - 12:34
Honda aims to be ’champion’ in 2020

Honda’s goal for 2020 is to power Red Bull to the world championship.

That is the news from Yasuaki Asaki, who heads up Formula 1 operations at Honda’s Sakura factory in Japan.

He revealed that "spec 1.1" of Honda’s 2020 engine will make its debut in Austria next weekend.

"My goal is to win in a situation where either Mercedes or Honda can win," he said.

"I am excited and anxious about the goal - to be champion," Asaki added.

Honda’s F1 managing director Masafumi Yamamoto agreed: "This year is a big milestone.

"I would like to compete humbly to meet the support and expectations of the fans, and humbly fight each race so that I can smile with you at the end," he added.

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