Gravel strip solution to be used elsewhere - FIA

"Gravel is not expensive and it is an easy fix"


2 July 2024 - 11:21
Gravel strip solution to be used (…)

Formula 1 may now implement the ’gravel strip’ solution to the thorny issue of track limits at other circuits.

Last year’s Austrian GP became a farce because of the sheer amount of track limits violations - well over 1000 - committed by drivers going over the outside white lines.

At the Red Bull Ring last weekend, the solution - think gravel strips - essentially fixed the issue.

But the FIA’s F1 race director Niels Wittich explained that the same sort of solution was also used earlier this year in Shanghai.

"The hope now is that it can be applied wherever necessary," he said.

"Gravel is not expensive and it is an easy fix for most circuits," added Wittich, who says the solution can also easily be removed for other categories like MotoGP.

However, he said the measure isn’t needed at every circuit on the calendar.

"At Zandvoort, for example, it’s all natural track limits," said Wittich. "But there are other circuits, such as Austin, where you have some track limit areas where we would like to implement this or something similar, creating a natural deterrent.

"We look at every circuit to see where improvements can be made," he added. "It’s a constant process."



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