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Ferrari drops Leclerc’s younger brother

"Arthur will remain part of the Ferrari family"


22 December 2023 - 08:26
Ferrari drops Leclerc's younger

There is bittersweet news for the Leclerc family just ahead of Christmas.

Just as Ferrari reportedly prepares to offer Charles Leclerc a long and lucrative new Formula 1 contract, the Maranello marque has dropped his younger brother from the driver development academy.

"We would like to thank Arthur Leclerc as he moves on," Ferrari confirmed, after the 23-year-old finished just 15th overall in Formula 1 this year.

"Arthur will remain part of the Ferrari family and we’re excited to see his next journey."

Ferrari’s driver academy, previously featuring names like Sergio Perez, Lance Stroll, Guanyu Zhou, Mick Schumacher and of course Artur’s brother Charles, will be run by well-known F1 engineer Jock Clear from 2024.



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