F1 warns Verstappen against celebratory ’burnouts’

"I did it all the way to the right as well"



28 June 2021 - 09:01
F1 warns Verstappen against celebratory

F1’s governing body has warned Red Bull to advise championship leader Max Verstappen about celebratory ’burnouts’ at the chequered flag.

On Sunday, having utterly dominated the first of two back-to-back races at Red Bull’s own Austrian GP circuit, the championship leader slowed to a crawl in front of his teammates and crossed the finish line amid a burst of engine power and tyre smoke.

"Yes, I noticed it," F1 race director Michael Masi told reporters after the race.

"The situation was not quite suitable for that, so as soon as it happened I talked to the team and said that in the future we won’t accept things like that."

23-year-old Verstappen, however, said he made sure his burnout was safe.

"I had enough time behind me anyway," he laughed.

"I did it all the way to the right as well, so I didn’t get in anyone’s way."

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