F1 stewards seek end to ’track limits’ saga

"better technology solutions, track modifications..."



10 November 2023 - 09:22
F1 stewards seek end to 'track (...)

Formula 1 stewards have ruled that the controversial and often farcical ’track limits’ issue needs to be solved.

It comes after the governing FIA rejected Haas’ request for a revision to the US GP results, with the American team having compiled a lengthy dossier of track limits violations that went unnoticed and unpunished in Austin recently.

Referring to onboard footage from all the cars competing in the race, team boss Gunther Steiner had declared before the hearing: "We have clear evidence.

"I’m no fan of this rule with the track limits. But if there are rules, then everyone has to follow them."

In a five-page finding, however, the stewards explained that they will not be revisiting the US GP results.

"We’ll spare you the official details," Auto Motor und Sport correspondent Andreas Haupt said. "Essentially, the stewards decided that Haas’ evidence was insufficient and, in the most part, not new."

But the stewards have now asked Formula 1 to consider a better solution to the entire ’track limits’ controversy that can be "rapidly deployed" for 2024.

The FIA officials suggest "better technology solutions, track modifications ... or a different regulation and enforcement standard".


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