F1 overtaken as world’s best ’virtual’ series

"Not all the F1 drivers have the necessary sim racing systems"



31 March 2020 - 12:33
F1 overtaken as world’s best ’virtual’

Indycar and Nascar have taken the lead over Formula 1 in the brave new virtual world of computerised online live sim racing.

A week ago, F1 held its first official online race based on the official F1 2019 game, with only Lando Norris and Nicholas Latifi representing the twenty actual F1 race drivers.

"There is no comparison with the Indycar event," correspondent Michael Zeitler wrote in Auto Bild. "Not to mention the embarrassing problems."

The Indy and Nascar offerings, though, were with full virtual grids of the actual and active series drivers, replete with national anthem, press conferences and the proper commentary team, and staged on the more highly rated iRacing platform.

Zeitler added: "Not all the F1 drivers have the necessary sim racing systems, but Formula 1 should try to change that urgently.

"Especially in this coronavirus crisis, it is important to keep the fans happy and interested in the sport."

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