F1 could expand points system to P20

"It was a very good conversation at the F1 Commission"


4 May 2024 - 14:24
F1 could expand points system to P20

It’s possible the proposal to tweak the points system in Formula 1 could be even more radical than first thought.

At the end of last month, the F1 Commission met in Geneva amid speculation the current system could be expanded so that P11 and P12 also score points.

F1 and the FIA jointly declared afterwards: "It was agreed that further analysis of proposed changes was required with a view to a proposal to be presented to the F1 Commission meeting in July."

Now, in Miami, it emerges that one idea now being discussed is that every single car - from the grand prix winner to the driver who crosses the chequered flag last in 20th place - should score points.

"Whether we go to P12, to P14, to whatever, we can discuss," RB team boss Laurent Mekies said in Miami.

His Aston Martin counterpart Mike Krack agrees: "I think there always needs to be something to right for, wherever you are."

Williams boss James Vowles agrees that there was disagreement at the F1 Commission meeting as to how extreme the points system change should be for 2025.

"Is it P12, P14, P16?" he said. "All cars, fundamentally?

"It was a very good conversation at the F1 Commission where the room was pretty much united in ’let’s do something that’s good for the sport’. However, let’s take our time to get it right and do it once."

When asked how many cars should score points at the chequered flag, McLaren’s Zak Brown answered: "I think certainly 12. And I think there could be an argument made for all.

"That would obviously be quite an overhaul," he admitted. "But I think that as soon as points come into play, it makes every pass that much more important.

"So I think there’s an argument you could make for the entire grid."



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