F1 and Gambling Sponsorships: The beginnings of a promising future



21 February 2023 - 00:00
F1 and Gambling Sponsorships: The (...)

Formula 1 drivers are influential, and everyone agrees with this statement. This is the reason why brands pay substantial sums to make them advertise for them. More prominent companies sponsor Grand Prix, and their logo is more visible depending on how much they are eager to spend.

Of course, the main attractions are the cars and the brands that made the engines, but that’s not all. In 2020, the first casino - Formula 1 partnership was signed for Asia. The contract between the sportsbook and F1 Asia will last until 2024.

None of the parties revealed the total amount the operator would give in their four-year contract. However, experts consider it a hefty sum due to the brand’s visibility on the four Asian tracks.

More and more F1 drivers become gambling ambassadors

It is no surprise for famous sportspeople to become gambling ambassadors. Experts analysts from CasinoAlpha even made a top of the most famous athletes in the UK that stroke incredible partnerships with online casinos.

The top is vast and surprising, from football stars to MMA champions and even cricketers. But given the variety of sports present, it was only a matter of time before F1 drivers also hoped on this train.

Daniel Ricciardo

The Italian-Australian F1 driver with over 1310 career points accepted to be the face of a Responsible Gambling project by Partypoker in 2021. His fans were able to see the campaign before the driver won the 2021 Italian Grand Prix.

This collab is the first of its kind between Partypoker and McLaren. The marketing team decided to make a special campaign that helps people understand the downsides of gambling rather than promoting a new game or feature. However, the contract stretches for four years. So we will definitely soon see drivers from the McLaren team promoting certain gambling services that the operator has.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is one of the most famous and successful Formula 1 drivers in history. His extravagant lifestyle and numerous World Champion titles brought him lots of deals. In his career, he closed deals and became the face of Tommy Hilfiger, Monster Energy, Puma, Sony and Mercedes-Benz.

His management team did not yet accept an official proposition from any casinos. However, Hamilton is an avid poker and blackjack player. The press did not overlook his passion for casino games, surprising him in the most luxurious casinos in Las Vegas.

Some critics consider him a poker and casino lifestyle promoter rather than an official ambassador. Numerous athletes and celebrities fall under this category, showing off their gambling skills in particular places but not making a direct Call To Action for their fans due to their contracts.

Nelson Piquet

He is the first South American legend to win an F1 championship and start racing at 17. His nickname “The Man with the Golden Shoe” came after people started noticing his luck at gambling. He taught his friends how to bet on F1 races and what things to consider before betting. The largest known bet he won is around $16.8 million.

Like Lewis Hamilton, he did not close a deal to become an ambassador for any casino brand, but he spoke about his passion often. He also talked about how easy it is to lose yourself to gambling and warned people to always be careful and have other hobbies.

Gamblers and F1 drivers are similar

Numerous publications say that gambling and racing are similar. Bettors and F1 drivers have to take risks in order to succeed. Their brains release the same hormones and give the same adrenaline rush when they are facing challenges.

Racers must think quickly and appreciate the car’s condition, weather, race track and other aspects to finish in the top three and not get hurt. Gamblers must learn betting strategies and must constantly calculate the budget, the subsequent bets and steps from the chosen method.

An important aspect to mention is the fact that many Formula 1 fans bet on their favourite drivers. Moreover, at least 10% of F1 bettors also engage in casino games, especially slot games with Formula 1 themes and RTP over 85%.

Would these deals have a future?

If we look at the influence of sports betting companies in football or basketball, we can outline the future of Formula 1. Large companies with enough budget will make agreements on specific zones or continents so that the visibility during the races is not taken over by the competition.

People who don’t gamble would see drivers promoting just another business. Besides that, fans who bet will most likely receive bonuses and deals on the spot via QR codes. However, people are not obliged to try and gamble. They can simply enjoy their time ignoring the ads promoting alcohol, gambling, and cars and just focus on the race.

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