D’Ambrosio is reserve Mercedes team boss - Wolff

"When I am absent at a grand prix, Jerome will take my place"


1 August 2023 - 13:33
D'Ambrosio is reserve Mercedes (…)

Former F1 driver Jerome d’Ambrosio has become the ’reserve team boss’ at Mercedes, Toto Wolff has revealed.

Recently, former Virgin and Lotus driver d’Ambrosio is usually spotted at Wolff’s shoulder during grands prix - in his new role as driver development director.

Previously, he was team boss at the Formula E team Venturi, where Wolff’s wife Susie also had a top role.

But the Belgian press now reports that d’Ambrosio, a 37-year-old Belgian, has actually taken over many tasks previously fulfilled at Mercedes by Williams’ new team boss James Vowles.

Wolff confirmed: "When I am absent at a grand prix, Jerome will take my place.

"It is true that in 11 years this has only happened three times, but it is a situation that it is important to be able to anticipate," the team boss and co-owner added.

"Jerome did a very good job last year with his role at Venturi - a small structure which obviously has little to do with ours, which still has 2500 people.

"However, he is involved and I must even say that most of his interventions are sensible during the grands prix," Wolff continued.

"I assure you that this is already a remarkable score, as James Allison often told me that I said 50 percent intelligent things and 50 percent nonsense," he laughed.

"More seriously, we have to give him time, but I have the impression that he has the right profile to take on this role," Wolff said.

"He must now gain credibility within the team and in the paddock. He still has time, but in case of absence on my part, he will be able to replace me."

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