Bratches admits Dutch GP ’deal’ is done

"We have a deal"



27 April 2019 - 10:32
Bratches admits Dutch GP 'deal'

Zandvoort appears to have "a deal" in place with Liberty Media for a Dutch GP in 2020.

After a March 31 deadline, and subsequent media reports that a deal has been struck, the story about Zandvoort returning to the F1 calendar suddenly went quiet.

So Olav Mol, the well-known commentator for Dutch television Ziggo Sport, caught up with F1 commercial boss Sean Bratches in the Baku paddock.

Mol asked Bratches if it was time for some news about Zandvoort, and the American reportedly answered: "Yes, it might be time.

"We have a deal," Mol quoted Bratches as adding.


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