’Big names’ attracted to Aston amid latest Newey rumours

"We’ll see whether we make more signings or not"


6 July 2024 - 15:33
'Big names' attracted to (…)

Two prominent figures at Aston Martin are hinting that more "big name signings" could be in the works.

After a highly impressive start to last season for Fernando Alonso in particular, the rapidly-growing Formula 1 team is having a much tougher time with a less competitive 2024 car.

Team ambassador Pedro de la Rosa, a former F1 driver, told DAZN at Silverstone that it has taken the Lawrence Stroll-owned team some time even to understand the car’s issues.

"A well-explained problem is half the solution," he told the Spanish broadcaster.

"The team is now focused in the wind tunnel working on a very precise area because that is really what has to help us," de la Rosa added. "We know what the problem is, we know what the diagnosis is, and that is very important in a Formula 1 team so that everyone is focused on working in that area.

"We need time to solve it and there is no easy solution," he said. "But if you know what the problem is, you are on the right track."

Alonso has said recently that a key car upgrade will debut in Hungary, but de la Rosa warns that it won’t be a silver bullet.

"Obviously these cars don’t get faster just by cleaning them up. You have to bring in new things. So we are working day and night in the factory to make small improvements that should gradually help us, starting in Hungary."

The really positive news, de la Rosa says, is that a new wind tunnel will soon come online - while an even more sophisticated simulator "is also coming".

"We have three buildings in the factory," he added. "The first is fully finished, the second is in progress and building three is the wind tunnel which will be ready by 2025, and it’s true that we need it.

"But we have a spectacular team of people. We have to give them the tools and that’s what we’re working on."

Former Mercedes engine boss Andy Cowell has just signed up as the new CEO, while Ferrari’s technical director Enrico Cardile is tipped to arrive soon.

And the latest rumblings in Italy is that Red Bull’s departing Adrian Newey also looks destined for Aston Martin, with a huge salary and an attractive role as technical ’super consultant’.

"We’ll see whether we make more signings or not," de la Rosa told DAZN. "But with the people we have, we already have a spectacular staff."

When also asked about new and potentially-new additions to the Aston Martin staff roster even amid a performance dip in 2024, Alonso said at Silverstone: "The team is still attractive to big names who are being associated with Aston Martin.

"We must continue to trust the team and we believe that we have what we need to be successful in the future, but as drivers or racing teams, the future is tomorrow. We do not have much patience," he smiled.

"But every time I pass the factory, there is always something new - a new building or an improvement."

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